Strategije rasta malih i srednjih poduzeća, Allan Gibb, Ph.D i Prof. dr. sc. Slavica Singer

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Strategije rasta malih i srednjih poduzeća


Allan Gibb, Ph.D i

Prof. dr. sc. Slavica SInger 
3. semestar

obavezni predmet

30 sati


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Overall Objective


To develop a sound conceptually based approach to the practice of managing and supporting the growing Small and Medium sized Enterprise.



Key Sub objectives


§   To provide a context to the interest in the growing SME

§   To define what growth means for the SME

§   To develop a 'model' for exploring the growth process

§   To examine the academic basis for the model

§   To utilise the model in practice and feedback

§   To explore different uses for the model



Teaching Style


After some short lectures and discussions the teaching style will be highly participative. Students will work in groups to provide their own ideas and frameworks for exploring issues. These will be informed by both experience and the literature. At the heart of the module is an exercise with companies with the students undertaking a 'growth audit' working in teams of three. It is hoped that these exercises might be undertaken in participant companies and that the owners will be able to provide a critique of results. The main assessment will be via the write up of the audit and class contribution will also be taken into account.






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